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​Orthopedic Surgeon in Manchester

Orthopedic Trauma in Manchester

If you need a top-notch orthopedic surgeon, visit us at Vipul Dua MD. Our expert and highly trained orthopedic surgeon in Manchester, Dr. Vipul Dua, can provide you with a wide range of services including orthopedic trauma management.

Our orthopedic surgeon in Manchester provides both non-surgical and surgical care, using the most modern procedures and equipment. The goal of our entire staff is to help our patients have a quick and comfortable recovery. Should you experience a traumatic injury and need orthopedic trauma management, you should immediately come to see us at our orthopedic surgery practice. Our doctor specializes in expertly treating a wide range of acute bone, joint and soft tissue injuries that a person can experience after they have some type of traumatic incident. A traumatic incident can be a car accident, or a fall, or some other immediate injury as opposed to a long-standing, degenerative condition. Traumatic management of injuries can range from helping patients who suffer minor fractures or muscle strains, to providing care for life-threatening orthopedic injuries. Our doctor is able to provide this type of care because he has extensive training in rapid and accurate diagnosis of acute musculoskeletal injuries. Our doctors’ experience in this specific area means that if you need this type of care, you will receive the very finest treatment at our orthopedic surgical practice. Orthopedic trauma management includes injuries to the shoulder, wrist, elbow or hand, knee, ankle, foot, or hip. When you come to our orthopedic practice our surgeon our can identify the precise extent of the injury, and know how to best treat it; a plan will be devised which will provide the very best care in your specific situation. If you have a traumatic injury, our doctor can provide immediate treatment which can include the use of braces, casts, screws, pins, and other medical appliances. The healing time for your injury will depend on the type of injury that has occurred.

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