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Greater Hartford Area Robotic Surgeon

Makoplasty in Greater Hartford Area

Greater Hartford Area robotic surgeon

Greater Hartford Area robotic surgeon

If you are suffering from pain or a deformity in your knees or hips, reconstructive surgical intervention may help alleviate pain, reduce deformity, and restore function. At the office of Vipul Dua MD, our Greater Hartford Area robotic surgeon is now pleased to offer our patients the latest advancement in orthopaedics, such as robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery (Makoplasty).

If you are experiencing pain due to joint degeneration, Dr. Dua may recommend surgery as the best approach to remedying your condition. If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that we now offer Stryker’s Mako robotic-arm assisted reconstructive surgery. This method is transforming orthopaedics, combining Stryker’s market-leading implants with Mako’s proprietary robotic-arm technology. Mako can be used for Total Hip Replacement (THR), which is a procedure designed for patients who suffer from non-inflammatory or inflammatory degenerative joint disease of the hip. Mako can also be used for partial knee replacement (PKR), which is a procedure designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis (OA) in one or two compartments of the knee. By selectively targeting the part of your knee damaged by OA, your surgeon can replace the diseased part of your knee while helping to spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it. In either surgeries, the Mako technology provides your Greater Hartford area robotic surgeon with a patient-specific 3-D model to pre-plan your knee/hip replacement. During surgery, your surgeon guides the Mako robotic-arm based on your patient-specific plan. This allows your surgeon to remove only the diseased bone, preserving healthy bone and soft tissue, and assists your surgeon in positioning the implant based on your anatomy. You will be able to endure full weight bearing and activities same day as surgery.

Best results are achieved when patients are compliant with after-surgery instructions. By combining the medical, mechanical, and surgical treatment of knee and hip problems, our office is able to provide treatment for the most challenging of problems. Over 50,000 Mako hip and knee procedures have been performed since 2006; maybe it’s time for you to join the ever-growing numbers of patients successfully treated with this type of surgery. Please call our office to discuss if robotic arm surgery is the best option for you, and let our Greater Hartford Area robotic surgeon get you back on your feet.

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