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Manchester Orthopedic Surgery

Hip surgery was once a long and painful process that involved a long recovery period and painful aftercare and physical therapy. However, thanks to advances in technology, hip surgery in Manchester is easier than ever before. Our orthopedic surgeon does minimally invasive and robotic assisted total hip replacements in a fraction of the time, with healing times much shorter than in the past. With good physical therapy, patients are back on their feet before they know it.

Our hip surgery in Manchester also extends to hemiarthroplasties of the hip and difficult hip revision surgeries. We treat IT band syndrome, osteoarthritis of the hip, hip dysplasia and avascular necrosis. We also treat sports injuries and provide general orthopedic care for those with arthritis and who need general orthopedic surgery procedures. We also provide treatment for trauma and fracture care. Our minimally invasive total knee replacements are expected to function for many years, giving patients the confidence they need to move forward with the decision to have the surgery. Signs that joint and hip surgery is needed is indicated by pain or swelling in the area and decreased joint function. Pain may be centered in one spot or may cause the patient to have trouble walking. Joints may stay stiff and unstable.

To determine if you need hip surgery in Manchester, we’ll perform x-rays to assess the amount of osteoarthritis present. We know that these procedures can be time consuming, so our goal is to make each visit with us centered on your health and comfort. We take the extra step of discussing your care with you every step of the way, and keep one on one contact with you, so that you can be assured and confident that you’re in good hands with Dr. Dua.

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