Manchester joint replacement

Manchester Joint Replacement

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Orthopedic surgery in Manchester

Whether you have overdone it during a sporting activity, or are experiencing the wear-and-tear of repetitive use or aging, if you need Manchester joint replacement, you want to go to the top orthopedic surgeon with a proven track record. Dr. Vipul Dua is a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon and someone who takes a personal interest in your wellness. At our office, we treat patients on an individual basis and believe in exploring the use of conservative treatments before recommending surgery. Our practice provides state of the art non-surgical and surgical care including arthroscopic procedures and robotic-assisted procedures of the hip and knee, so that you may heal rapidly and return to your active lifestyle. In addition, our orthopedic care is second to none. Our professional and friendly staff focuses on patient education, comfort, and quick recovery. If you are seeking a compassionate and highly skilled orthopedist, Dr. Dua is here to help you. He treats many orthopedic problems including joint replacement.

Using the most advanced surgical procedures for Manchester joint replacement, Dr. Dua excels in arthroscopy and robotic-assisted procedures. Unlike traditional surgery where large incisions are made, arthroscopy uses very small incisions, about the size of a grain of rice. An endoscope, a small camera with a light at the end of it, is placed through the incisions into the joint. The images are relayed back to a large screen where the doctor can find and repair the joint damage. Many of these procedures can be performed as an outpatient and healing is much faster that traditional surgery. Robotic-assisted technology is used to enable this orthopedic surgeon to plan partial knee or total hip replacement procedures by using three-dimensional computer imaging based on a CT scan. This allows him to determine optimal implant size, position, and alignment for each individual patient, and to map out accurately the areas of bone they want to remove. During surgery, the robotic arm system provides visual, auditory, and tactile control to help assure that surgeons cut away only the damaged bone. Recovery time is relatively fast and post-op discomfort is minimal.

Our office is also very involved in your healing process. Detailed post-operative guidelines for each procedure are discussed with our patients and can be found on our website for easy reference. As part of our treatment, our office wants to empower his patients with tools to help them recover in the comfort of their home. Your level of post-operative activity is discussed, dressing and wound care are explained, pain management strategies, including pain medications, are provided, and prophylactic antibiotic protocol is detailed all with the intention of encouraging rapid and complete healing. Our goal is to see you through the entire healing process as a team. If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon who excels in Manchester joint replacement, give Dr. Dua a call today.

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