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Orthopedic Office in Manchester

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Elbow related orthopedic conditions in Manchester

Is there pain at your elbow when you straighten your arm? For a detailed diagnosis of your elbow pain, Dr. Vipul Dua, who has an orthopedic office in Manchester, is the doctor to see. Dr. Vipul Dua, M.D. is a highly skilled and top orthopedic surgeon and is someone who takes a personal interest in your wellness. He treats patients on an individual basis and believes in exploring the use of conservative treatments prior to surgical intervention. His practice provides state of the art nonsurgical and minimally invasive surgical care including arthroscopic procedures and robotic-assisted joint replacement procedures of the hip and knee, so that you may rapidly return to activity. Our professional and friendly staff focuses on patient education, comfort, and quick recovery. Dr. Dua offers comprehensive treatments to many orthopedic problems including robotic-assisted hip and knee surgery, minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy), primary hip and knee reconstruction or replacement, partial knee replacement, hip and knee revision surgery, shoulder surgery including rotator cuff repair, fracture surgery, and arthritis management.

The elbow joint is a synovial hinge joint. Three bones are involved in the articulation of the joint: the distal end of the humerus and proximal ends of the radius and ulna. Similar to other hinge joints articular surfaces are reciprocally shaped, there are strong collateral ligaments and muscles are grouped at the sides so not to impede movement. There are two predominant causes of elbow osteoarthritis – primary and post-traumatic. At his orthopedic office in Manchester, Dr. Dua first assesses which type of elbow condition you present. Primary osteoarthritis is uncommon and associated with those who take part in excessive sport or manual work. Tennis elbow is another type of sports injury, usually a result of repetitive movements. Patients complain of pain the end of range of motion for both flexion and extension. Any trauma to the elbow joint could lead to post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Abnormal movements of a joint are thought to cause arthritic changes. Following trauma, the joint doesn’t move correctly and patients tend to report pain and a crackling sound associated with movements of flexion and extension or forearm rotation.

In most cases, the treatment is non-surgical for conditions of the elbow. Medicine management can include non-steroid anti-inflammatory analgesia and intra-articular corticosteroid injections. Some patients find sleeves or compression bandages useful for comfort and support. In more serious cases, Dr. Dua may suggest surgery, but not until all non-invasive treatments have been exhausted. For a thorough examination, come to the orthopedic office in Manchester and discuss the treatment that is right for you.

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